Please, find bellow the most occurring issues we received from other patients and tested ourselves:  

1. Your physician can't hear or see you?
1.a Select a microphone/camera in your computer settings. 
- Microphone: Settings > System > Sound > Input (device)
- Wireless Camera: Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Other devices
- Microphone/Camera: Settings > Privacy > App permissions > Microphone/Camera

- Please view Apple's documentation:

1.b Grant your browser access to use your camera/microphone.
Google chrome:
- Microphone/camera: click on the tiny padlock, left of the URL
: Settings > Privacy and Security > Site settings > Permissions

- Options > Privacy and Security > Permissions

- Settings (three dots) > Site Permissions > Camera & Microphone

1.c. Toggle the camera/microphone icon at the bottom of your screen (during the call)
2. You can't enter the call via the app
This is currently not possible. However, you can access a call from your phone's web browser.

If problems still arise, please contact us.