1. On the top bar next to “Patients” you will see “Care paths” this will take you to the care paths dashboard and a list of existing care paths
  2. On the care paths dashboard there will be a button on the top right names “+ Add new”. This will bring you to the care path editor
  3. The canvas will be empty so you must “Add new block”. This will give you a dropdown list of all the features we have available to automate tasks for patients, such as automatically activating a questionnaire at a certain time and date or at set time after the previous block has been completed. There are two kinds of blocks, the “Main blocks” which represent the actions you want done, and “Control blocks” which allows you to enhance the Main blocks. The features and their function are as followed:
    1. Education (Main blocks): send your patient a file (we also support sending files from your personal computer) or link, which will inform or educate the patient. You will be able to see if the patient has opened the files you have sent. See how to create Education content here.
    2. Staff notification (Main blocks): when the care path lands on this block, the selected department will be notified that the patient has completed the previous block and is ready for the next step.
    3. Questionnaire (Main blocks): this block allows you to activate a questionnaire for patient and/or physician to fill. See how to create a questionnaire here.
    4. Diary question (Main blocks): a diary question is a short questionnaire of just one question, that must be answered by the patient every/multiple times per day. See how to make a Diary question here.
    5. Date scheduler (Control blocks): will control a main block’s activation. You can choose how many days before or after the main block has been completed before moving on to the next block.
    6. Completion (Control blocks): connecting to this block will end the care path.
    7. Counter (Control blocks): this block allows you to easily repeat a block for as many times as you deem necessary, eg. a weekly questionnaire for 6 weeks.
    8. Selection menu (Control blocks): you can create a list that lets you branch your care path according to which selection is made.
    9. Time of day (Control blocks): the next block will activate at the chosen hour.
  4. Each block will have two circles, one at the top of the rectangle and one to the right of each option. From the circle to the right of an option you can click and drag to the circle on the top of a block, even its own. Multiple lines can be drawn. This line symbolizes the flow of the care path, the arrow points to the next block until it reaches the end point. Note: all blocks and options must be connected.
  5. You can drag blocks to any position on the canvas. You may click on the canvas and drag to move around. You can center the canvas and zoom in or out to get a better sight of your care path.